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January 13
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:Maria the Guardian Angel and Scientist: by Eline-chan98 :Maria the Guardian Angel and Scientist: by Eline-chan98
:bulletblue: :star: Maria in AT's Guardian Angel Outfit and PB's Science Outfit. :star: :bulletblue:

Yeah, so this is basically a cross-dress for Maria Robotnik in Adventure Time's character outfits. She looks gorgeous, no? I am a bit lazy to shade the colours so this is the final result of this work. Hope y'all satisfied guys!


:bulletblue: Maria the Guardian Angel. :bulletblue:

The Original Guardian Angel;…. I think she's a beautiful character in Adventure Time not until;… .. meh, I don't care. She's still beautiful! I decided to gave this outfit to my lovely Maria as she looks so cute in it! So, this is how Maria the Guardian Angel is created. Plus the little demon below her is her demonic self who eats people. So watch out guys (and.. Shadow) as this beautiful babe will eat your heart!

:bulletyellow: Maria the Scientist. :bulletyellow:

Original Outfit and it's owner PB;…. Since Maria is a Robotnik, I doubt she's a smart person, duh. She looks so lovely in this outfit, I actually love this one! Though I have to say her body looks fat but nevermind. She also wears a crown on her head because it suits her.


I purposely missed a few details in these outfits (yeah right!). No backgrounds are added though and these colours are so simple. I tried to make some colours look as if it glows but I fail. O"TL

The original outfits belong to Adventure Time; Pendleton Ward.

Maria Robotnik belongs to SEGA.
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